Maine Mountain Bike

Trail Fund

Supporting mountain bike trail building across the state of Maine

Mission of the fund

The Maine riding scene only seems to get better with every year. We wish to help this along and bring a spotlight on what Maine has to offer as a place to live, ride, and visit. This fund and grant process is intended to help the Maine mountain bike scene, and its trail builders have easier access to funds for trail projects around the state that need a boost.

We are invested in what mountain biking means to the state of Maine, its local communities, and as an economic engine for our beloved state. The goal of the fund is to help projects that don't have existing support to get off the ground and generate support from their community, or for ongoing projects that need an additional boost. Whether you need a new bog bridge, increased signage, or want to build an entirely new trail we want to help. We hope you get creative and rally your base around helping to increase riding opportunities in our amazing state.

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